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Main goal

To become consistent during deep-ball rallies.


Hitting forehands and backhands deep and close to the baseline creates pressure on the opponent by moving him away from the court and forcing him to hit short. Controlling the depth of the shots is a definite sign of high-level tennis.


Practice game

Before the point starts, each player is positioned   at the middle of the baseline . Players alternate in starting the point with an underhand feed to the middle of the baseline. Players move each other left and right along the baseline. The point is lost if the ball is hit out, in the net, or short (in the service box). Net-game is not allowed in this drill.




To make the drill more demanding, stretch the elastic band 20 cm over the net.


Scoring format

First to 10 points by a margin of 2.


*To make the game more interesting and demanding, two points are deducted for any shots in the net.