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Main goals

Net-game player practices approaching the net, deep and short volleys, and overhead smash.

Baseline-game player practices passing shots and lobs.


After developing high-level skills in the net-game, the next step consists of approaching the net with a forehand or backhand, including after a serve or return of serve. This makes the net-game highly complex.


Practice game

Before each point starts, both players take positions in the middle of the baseline. Any player can start a rally with an underhand feed. After a few rallies from the baseline, the previously determined net-game player approaches the net by hitting a forehand or a backhand to the center of the baseline.

Players change roles after each game.


Scoring format

Play first to 10 points by a margin of 2.



Practice the same drill. Now the net-game player approaches the net hitting to one of the corners of the baseline.