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Main goal

To develop high-level accuracy on wide serves from both the deuce and ad courts.


In the process of mastering a high-level serve, the wide serve should come first.  With the wide serve, the trajectory is longer and the space bigger. The first tactical goal of the serve is to push the opponent away from the court.  First, one must achieve high-level accuracy with the second serve (slice and top spin). Later, one will hit a flat first serve and follow it with a slice or top-spin second serve.



Mark a target area for the high-level wide serves

(3 m x 1m). Practice WIDE serves from both the deuce AND the ad courts..


Practice game

Play 10-point practice games. One player serves all 10 points from the deuce court. In the next game, the server serves 10 points from the ad court. The other player practices returning the wide serves. Players change roles after each game.


Each point starts once the server hits the high-level target area. The number of tries is not limited. The point is played out.


After one 10 point game is finished, the coach will present statistics regarding the player’s wide serve accuracy.




After developing accuracy on wide serves, the player should proceed with practicing  serves aimed at the T.